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In today’s marketplace, where skilled individuals are at a premium, organisations are having to develop and motivate their existing workforce, encourage a learning environment, where knowledge and experience is readily shared, prepare future leaders and retain talent. Coaching is utilised as a tool for improving performance and is a highly effective way of helping individuals to develop their performance to very high standards.

Mentoring is a distinct intervention, using coaching skills. Therefore, the combined use of coaching and mentoring within an organisation can be powerful tools for developing leadership capability and facilitating change by nurturing talent, enabling learning and development, and encouraging personal growth and career development.

Who Are The Coaching And Mentoring Qualifications For?

The use of structured coaching and mentoring programmes can aid this process and accredited programmes and qualifications from The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) are now available for individuals at different levels within your organisation. Each of the coaching and mentoring qualifications are designed for a different type of candidate, occupying a different organisational role, and using coaching or mentoring for a particular purpose.

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