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In the UK we recognise that the ILM design has the potential to help offer significant training and exposure to the world of management skills to several levels of our managerial staff. We see the ILM programme as an excellent supplement to our existing internal training programmes, offering flexibility in terms of the method of learning as well as a high quality qualification at the end of the programme.

The design of the Units also meets our needs as they allow us to add the 'Weatherford' element to the learning programme.
In 2005 we started work on an outline of management competency framework, detailing what we as a company expected in terms of outputs from certain positions, the skills and behaviours required and as a result the training that would need to be offered to deliver these skills. A managerial training matrix was designed and one of the key elements on the developing career section was the range of ILM courses.

We have worked with Shirley, our ILM tutor/facilitator now for over ten years, and I see that continuing well into the future to continue to meet the needs of the business as well as the individuals who work for Weatherford”.

Mr Richard Barnes, Region Human Resources Manager.
Weatherford UK Limited