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Learn Develop Aberdeen

“Grampian Police provide a service to the communities of North East Scotland, serving a population of over 500,000 people. The organisation is committed to promoting well-being and safety in local communities, and developing staff potential is a Force priority. In 2006, Police Cadets were re-introduced to Grampian Police for the first time in over 10 years. As well as developing their individual personal skills, it was recognised that the Cadets would benefit from participating in an accredited learning qualification. A partnership was formed between Grampian Police Recruitment, Learning and Development Unit (RL&D) and Shirley Henderson who wrote a new Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) accredited Customised Award named Developing Community Citizenship. This qualification was carefully written to provide the Cadets with a broad level of education and to develop transferable skills that they would be able to use in any future employment, irrespective of which career path they subsequently chose. In addition creating this unique qualification, the RL&D Unit also gained SQA Centre status.Shirley's participation was invaluable to the development of the qualification. She effectively used her expertise to work alongside experienced RL&D staff in mutually developing focussed, relevant and challenging Modules which covered a wide range of worthwhile generic skills.

Shirley has subsequently provided ongoing support with the assessment of the Cadets 'evidence', and has proved to be a reliable and willing consultant in the entire process”. 

Inspector Ally Prockter, Grampian Police Recruitment, Learning and Development Unit.